BrokenDad’s 2016 update and 2015 year in Review

Happy New Year! Having never succeeded in a New Year’s resolution, here are my resolutions for 2016:

Eat too much

Avoid the gym like the plague

Gain significant weight

We’ll see if I can maintain my resolution history. In truth, I think the practice of resolutions is silly. If it is worth changing, it’s worth changing anytime.

Having said that, let’s have a small BrokenDad review for the last year, then we’ll do a basic update, and finally I’ve some administrative changes to announce, but I’ll leave those to the end so they are easily skipped.

2015 started with the family settling in the new state. Ezra finished up kindergarten as he turned 7 (he’s old for his grade, it was either that or to be very young). At about the same time my health had deminished to the point that we decided it would be best for Julie to get work.

Julie started working sales at the gym the same week I was laid off from work. They let me go because they didn’t have the work to keep me going, but I was days away from turning in my notice because of my health, so it was fortuitous timing.

Within a month, Julie was tapped on the shoulder for management in the gym, which she took. The summer was spent dealing with some seriously disturbing corporate decisions thy made it clear that a career couldn’t be made with that company. 

I made some attempts at cycling in the summer, culminating in a metric century (100k) ride in Lemhi County, Idaho with my brother, his wife, son, and our dad. While I normally ride at least 20 miles, at the 20 mile point my stomach decided I was done. I did get the participation shirt, but I’ll have to try for a completed century next season.

Ezra started 1st grade in the fall, and surprisingly, he’s not the oldest in his class: there are 5 like him, which his teacher loves! I volunteer at the school most weeks, when my health permits, and Nathaniel gets a kick out of that. 

In the end of the year, Julie took a data entry position in the end of the year (sad that an “entry level” position pays better than her previous management position), and the company she’s working for is really excellent. 

Christmas was spent with our families, and was great (though the -20 degree weather was painful for my back joints). We also saw Star Wars as a couple: it’s been a while since we’ve had a date. That was nice. The movie was pretty good too. 

So there is the year in review. I didn’t go into significant detail, because not all of you know me personally.
For the year update for me: I’ve replaced my trike with the pool at the gym trough the winter months so far. While Julie worked there, my membership was free, when she left, I was gifted a membership by family for Christmas. I’ve gone from just walking in the pool (I didn’t know how to swim) to being passable in my swimming, though I still walk. My health has continued to digrade since last year, and the treatments we tried on my back where ultimately ineffective. While some of the medication mixes have increased my life functioning in some degree, I still worry that I will continue to go downhill before a Plateau. I’ve found it both excruciating and fascinating to feel my vertibrae grinding directly on each other over the last month. I think that means that my ruptured disk has completely desintegrated, but it would take a CAT scan to verify. 

So when I feel well enough to excessive I swim (having learned by creepily watching the other swimmers at the pool), walk and stretch. When I don’t, I sit in the water and let the pressure on my spine be relieved, and in the extreme I don’t make it at all (yesterday was one of those). While I’m waking, I write on my phone, it keeps my mind off the pain.

So that leads to the administrative points: this year, I intend to use this blog to write about more than just my disablity. I’m afraid that I’ve run out of amusing things to write on that front (I’ll still share from time to time, but the news is rarely good, and it’s hard to be positive when things suck so bad). So I’ll separate my posts into some categories: my traditional posts will be categorized as “BrokenDad’s Blog,” as they have been; cooking exploits and recipes will be categorized as “BrokenDad Cooks;” I’ll be diving into social and political commentary categorized as “BrokenDad’s Politics,” these will likely be long and detailed, not often fun, but hopefully well thought out, and detailed. Don’t read these if you are looking for the politically correct, but I’d love to spark some discussion, and answer some questions. 

The categories will make it so one could easily read my blog and cooking exploits, while avoiding my political ideas, if they so choose.

So there we are: I hope that I haven’t exhausted you. I hope to keep you entertained, educated or at least was bored through the. New year. If you like my posts, lease share them: that’s the ultimate compliment, that my thoughts are worth sharing.

I hope that God continues to bless me and my family  in the new year. And for you and yours: God bless you.

3 thoughts on “BrokenDad’s 2016 update and 2015 year in Review

  1. hey friend! it’s been a long time (how many years?!)! it’s good to know you’re still getting along and congrats on your family!

    after reading a few of your posts about how traditional medicine doesn’t seem to be working for you, I was wondering if you’ve considered whether or not you have an autoimmune issue and if you’ve tried a change in diet? it sounds overly simple but when I worked at the health store, I saw lots of people recover from nasty stuff on an autoimmune protocol… I also wonder what a sensory deprivation chamber (a magnesium float bath in total darkness and total silence) or a hyperbaric chamber might do for you and if you’ve tried hypnosis to help manage the pain? the brain is capable of awesome stuff and it has a long history of helping with pain and recovery. also, have you gotten blood tests or biofeedback testing done to see if you’re deficient in certain nutrients? people in pain seem to always be low in magnesium.

    hope this New Year finds you in better shape than last year by the end of it! you got this!


    1. Sarah, thanks for reading! I think it’s been since early 2004, excepting an odd grocery store run-in a couple of years ago!
      I have, fortunately, had a series of blood work-ups. I, also fortunately, don’t have a magnesium deficiency. I have tried many alterations to my diet, though never an hyperbolic chamber nor a sensory deprivation chamber. Fortunately the evidence had ruled out an autoimmune disease or disorder.


  2. It’s been awhile since i last read your blog but i hope to find time to read more in the future. I’m hooked. I love your writing, your font, your openness. I wish we lived closer and somehow with my husband’s PT skills find a way to help. If you have a moment will you post a side note or maybe you already have something that briefly recaps how you got to where you are health wise. It been too long since i knew you and things have change. I think it will also help new readers jump in to reading your blog more frequently. I look forward to reading some more.


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