Looking Forward and Disconnecting… Sort Of

I haven’t had a whole lot of desire to write lately. You might say that the wind got sucked out of my sails by the Republican Party’s abject abandonment of conservative values and constitutionally defined government. I’ve been accused by some of being overly dramatic, and hopefully those people are right.

The solid defeat of every constitutionalist in the primary in favor of a demagogic oligarch shows a deep rejection of the very fundamental values that brought our country and society to where we are today. For some, this is because they reject that place: it is wholly undesirable. For others, it is because they fail to understand how we have arrived where we are. Others, still, look after the welfare and socialist states of Europe and covetously desire that statism for us.

For whatever reason, the rejection of constitutionally conservative ideals at the ballot box is not the problem facing us, but rather a symptom of the problems facing our society in the last 100 or more years.

It is my initial desire to withdraw myself from following the political fields and races. But, as I’ve said before, I follow politics like most men follow sports. It is not my nature to withdraw, despite a desire to do so. I find myself in a predicament: I have no team to root for, the libertarians being the closest left in the field to my values and principles, but the likelihood that they will nominate Gary Johnson, a man who, despite the L next to his name, is only slightly more libertarian than Donald Trump is conservative. Sadly, unlike sports, I’m fully impacted and affected by the outcome, even if my team lost early on.

So, unable to withdraw, I intend to refocus myself: if we, conservatives, constitutionalists, and federalists, have lost the ballots, it is because we first lost the argument, and yet earlier lost the culture. How do I change the culture? I’m not sure that I can, but if I can use my voice to make the argument for conservative values, and perhaps persuade others to my point of view, I will have made some small impact. If not, at least I will have documented for my children that I fought to preserve the freedoms and liberties that my people surrendered. Liberty, once lost, must be regained by the next generations, as I don’t believe it can be returned to the same people who surrendered it.

So in the coming months, I intend to intensely devote myself to the study of the very principles that founded our great nation: that of tge Gospel of Jesus Christ, personal morality, freedom of association, freedom in the market, limited government, equal justice. Hopefully I avoid sounding preachy. But I hope you’ll join me in study, discourse, and the free sharing of ideas; even, and perhaps especially, if those ideas differ from mine.

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