Nathaniel’s Writings

We have an iPad. Use it simultaneously for Ezra’s homeschool lessons, my creative writing, and Nathaniel’s entertainment. When we go to the gym in the mornings, I spend the first half of my workout on the cycles to keep my heart from giving out under the strain of my substantial girth… I take the iPad with me to make lesson plans, write, or apartment hunt. Then I give it to Nathaniel at the daycare while I’m in the pool doing mobility exercises.

This morning, as I dropped Nathaniel off in the daycare. He reached for the iPad and said to me “dad, I think I’d like to have the iPad to do some writing.”

Completely matter-of-fact.

The boy is 3.

He can’t read.

He can’t write.

But his cuteness got him the iPad this morning for the purpose of ‘writing.’

It appears he’s actually watching YouTube kids, as I expected… But the cute price was paid, so I’m writing on my phone.

My son is cute.

That is all.


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